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Financial Coach & Wealth Strategist

Kurisha Tottress is the founder and owner of GWB Financial Solutions. She is a Financial Coach and Wealth Strategist with a passion for helping her community learn financial literacy and build wealth.

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Introducing GWB Financial

Building Wealth Isn't  A Sprint, It's a Marathon.

Generational wealth represents assets passed down from one generation to the next. If you can leave behind a notable inheritance to your descendants, that constitutes generational wealth. 

Our mission is to educate our community on financial literacy by creating strategic financial plans to help them build generational wealth and to give individuals a chance to reach their full potential in the future.

What We Do



The expert staff at GWB Financial Solutions will help you with all your questions and queries about this service. While we can’t promise results overnight, we can promise we will work tirelessly for you. Contact us to get started today.


Know that you are in expert hands when it comes to this service. Our years of experience helping clients regain their financial footing mean we understand exactly how the credit system works. Speak to one of our agents to find out more.


You can relax knowing the dedicated team at Imperial Gold Finances is working for a better financial future for you. We have the skills and expertise to make sure no options are overlooked. Sign up to get started.


Keep paying your bills on-time, follow our lead, apply for the recommended credit builder accounts, and watch the results right in front of your eyes.

Be Patient & Trust the Process!

Credit Builders >

Our Services Will Help You Remove Inaccurate, Erroneous, And/Or Obsolete Information On Your Credit File, Including:

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  • Medical Bills

  • Collections

  • Repossessions

  • Foreclosures

  • Fraud &  Identity Theft

  • Inquiries

  • Personal Information

  • Short Sales

  • Child Support

  • & Much More

  • Late Payments

  • Tax Liens

  • Charge-Offs

  • Student Loans

  • Bankruptcy

  • Inquiries